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Tire Service

Prepare For The Seasons

The harsh Canadian climate creates some of the most unpredictable and harsh driving conditions in the world. This means having to drive through snow, sleet, hail, and rain, making it crucial that your vehicle is equipped with the proper tires. Having your tires changed at the right time of the year ensures a safer and smoother ride in any condition. In British Columbia it is mandatory to have winter rated tires equipped from October 1st - April 30th on major highway routes. 

Tire Change

Our tire changes are no appointment necessary, and performed professionally in a timely fashion by our certified trained staff.

All tires are inspected by our staff for tread depth, tire puncture/damage, and tire wear.

Come in today and get your tires changed, on-rim, or off-rim.

Tire Rotation

Rotation of your vehicles tires periodically serves to prolong the the tread life of your tires, while also preventing uneven tire wear. This gives your vehicle better stability, while providing a better driving experience.

Tire Repair

If you damage one or multiple tires while driving, make sure to pull into our shop today for an examination. Our certified and highly trained staff will examine all of your tires including damaged ones for tread depth, tire pressure, and tire wear. After examination, our staff will assess whether or not damaged tires are fit for repair, or need to be replaced.

Need a Tire Service? Visit Us Now!
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